Each semester, the School of History of Art welcomes a series of guest speakers and colleagues to present an hour-long seminar on their research. Seminars normally take place on Thursdays at 5.15pm in the Hunter Building Lecture Theatre on Lauriston Place, with a reception afterwards in the John Higgitt Gallery. Please note that the lecture on 16th October takes place at 12.30pm (Hunter Building Lecture Theatre), and the Watson Gordon Lecture takes place on 9th November at 6pm at the Scottish National Gallery.

The events are a fantastic opportunity to hear from art historians, critics, curators and artists from the UK, Europe and beyond about their work. The seminars are free and everyone is welcome.

Session convenor: Dr Claudia Hopkins


Details of these talks will follow soon. 


Previous seminar series


21 Sep | Sir Mark JonesAlgernon Newton 1880-1968

28 Sep | Dr Sabrina Rastelli (Università Ca'Foscari Venezia)A New History of Chinese Art History 

5 Oct | Professor Andrew Ginger (University of Birmingham)Visions of Similarity: Spanish-speaking Artists, the World, and the “Nineteenth Century” 

12 Oct | Professor Timon Screech (SOAS)The Essence of the Floating World in Early Modern Japanese Art 

16 Oct (Lunchtime lecture, 12.30pm) | Professor Sherry D. Fowler (University of Kansas)Counting on Buddhist Images of Six Kannon for Salvation in Japan 

19 Oct | Sebastian BoyleReal Artificial Cream: Sebastian Boyle discusses the work of Boyle Family

26 Oct | Professor Neil Cox (University of Edinburgh)The Shape of Feeling 

9 Nov | Watson Gordon Lecture at the Scottish National Gallery Professor Joseph Masheck (Hofstra University, New York) | Classic Mondrian in Neo-Calvinist View | 6pm 

16 Nov | Dr Jemma Field (Brunel University London)Undressing Queen Anne of Denmark: Fictions, Realities, and the Power of Portraiture 

23 Nov | Professor Richard Williams (University of Edinburgh) | The City on the Highway, Revisited: Reading Reyner Banham's Los Angeles in the Age of Waymo 

30 Nov | Dr Egle Rindzeviciute (Kingston University)Constructing Russian Nuclear Heritage: The Organisation, Politics and Aesthetics of Revealing

18 Jan | Dr Tom Tolley (University of Edinburgh)Wolfgang and ‘The Little Chimney Sweep’: Leopold Mozart’s Pictures of Working Children

25 Jan | Dr Paula Barreiro López (University of Barcelona)Comrades in Arms against Dictatorship: the Avant-garde, Art Criticism and the Franco Regime 

1 Feb | Dr Christine Riding (Royal Museums Greenwich)The Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I: Making, Meaning and Afterlife 

8 Feb | Dr Lucy Weir (University of Edinburgh)Pina Bausch’s Theatre of Cruelty 

15 Feb | Professor Eric Robertson (Royal Holloway)Curating Arp’s Poetic Forms 

1 Mar | Professor Elizabeth Prettejohn (University of York)The Case of M. Alphonse Legros 

Postponed | Dr Cinta Krahe (Universidad de Alcalá and Universidad Antonio de Nebrija) | Chinese porcelain in Habsburg Spain

22 Mar | Professor Charles Esche (Van Abbemuseum / University of the Arts London) The Demodern as a Possibility for Western Europe 

29 Mar | Dr Jill Burke (University of Edinburgh)Leonardo da Vinci's 'Female Genitalia': Women's bodies and the limits of representation 

5 Apr | Dr Gabriele Schor (Sammlung Verbund, Vienna)The Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s

10 May (Rescheduled date) | Professor Kerstin Stakemeier (Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Nuremberg) | Against our Freedom: about an anti-social aesthetic practice



Dr Ruth Hemus (Royal Holloway, University of London) | Dada’s Women: Reflections in the Centenary Year

Dr Genevieve Warwick (University of Edinburgh) | Effigies

Dr Michael Bachmann (University of Glasgow) | Distributed Aesthetics, Contemporary Criticism and the Public Sphere

Michael Clarke (National Gallery of Scotland) | The Reluctant Matriarch: Madame Mére, the Painter Gérard and Dynastic Portraiture under Napoleon

Professor Catherine Asher (University of Minnesota) | The Taj Mahal: Mughal Architecture, Ideology and the Construction of Kingship

Professor Phillip Lindley (University of Leicester) | The Union Duke’s Marbles

Professor Hilary Robinson (Middlesex University) | Griselda Pollock and the making of UK feminist art history and criticism in the 1970s

Dr Helen Langdon (writer, scholar, and curator) | Watson Gordon Lecture: Caravaggio, the Caravaggisti and Cupid

Dr Richard McClary (University of Edinburgh) | Mina'i: Gilded Polychrome Ceramics of Kashan and the Birth of Persian Painting

Dr Amy Bryzgel (University of Aberdeen) | Performance Art in Eastern Europe since 1960

Dr Chia-ling Yang (University of Edinburgh) | Antiquity Revisited: New Modes for Scholarly Art in 19th-Century China  

Dr Luca Palozzi (University of Edinburgh) | Drawing before the Disegno: Reflections on Trecento Art Theory and Practice

Carla van de Puttelaar (Utrecht University) | The Scougall Family, Portrait Painters in a Legal Community, Scottish Portraiture 1650-1714

Dr Carol Richardson (University of Edinburgh) | Art and Gynaecology at St Peter's in Rome

Professor David Hopkins (University of Glasgow) | Oz magazine and Surrealism's legacy: children, obscenity and the politics of counter culture

Professor Geoffrey Quilley (University of Sussex) | British art, empire and the Opium War; the view from Dent's veranda

Dr Anna McSweeney (Warburg Institute, SOAS, University of London) | Object Biographies: a carved and painted ceiling from the Alhambra Palace

Professor Herbert Kessler (Johns Hopkins University) | 'Whoever Wishes to Know God, Look at the Glass'; Medieval Windows as Scripture

Dr Matt Lodder (University of Essex) | Cynicism and Contemporary Art: The Curious Case of Dan Wolgers



Professor Richard Thomson (University of Edinburgh) | Seurat's Parade de cirque: Interpreting a Painting, Organising an Exhibition

Dr Lucia Dolce (SOAS, University of London) | The Visual Practices of Buddhism: Ritual Iconography and the Resignification of Visual Forms in Mediaeval Japan

Professor Paul Gladston (University of Nottingham) | (Bad) Faith in Painting (?): Critically Re-evaluating the Significance of Yu Youhan’s Political Pop Series

Dr Lisa Skogh (Victoria and Albert Museum) | The Kunstkammer and the Early Modern Consort: Knowledge, Networks and Influence

Dr Jenny Terry (Durham University) | Afrofuturism, Sci-fi and the Scopic in the Art of Ellen Gallacher

Dr Freya Gowrley (University of Edinburgh) | The Sister Arts: Needlework between Thread, Paint, and Print in Eighteenth-century Britain

Dr Sussan Babaie (Courtauld Institute of Art) | A Medieval Picture Book and its Judeo-Persian Lives: The Morgan Bible in 17th century Safavid Iran

Professor Lex Bosman (University of Amsterdam) | The Cathedral of Rome in the Fourth Century. New Ideas about the Architectural Ground-plan of the Basilica Constantiniana (S. Giovanni in Laterano)

Dr Eric Lefebvre (Musée Cernuschi) | Exhibiting and Collecting Chinese Contemporary Painting in the Modern Era: The Case of the French Museums (1920-1960)    

Dr Martin Myrone (Tate) | 1832: The Progress of Civilization in the Age of Reform

Dr Terri Geis (Pomona College, USA) | Archipelagos: International Women Surrealists and the Ocean

Ed Krčma (University of East Anglia) | Compression

Ayesha Hameed (Goldsmiths) | Black Atlantis

Emanuele Lugli (University of York) | The New Look of the 1340s: Fashion, Measurements and Other Disasters

Kate Sloan (University of Edinburgh) | The Analogue Game: Aircraft Control and Play in Roy Ascott's Pedagogy

Andrew Patrizio (University of Edinburgh) | The Year that Art History got a Hole in its Ozone Layer

Rachel King (National Museums Scotland) | "Asbestos Fingers and Flaming Lips”: Tea, Coffee and Silver Vessels in the 18th Century

Margit Kern (University of Hamburg) | Hieroglyphs of Faith: Missionaries as Actors in Transcultural Negotiation Processes and Image Theory in 16th Century New Spain

Xavier Guillaume (University of Edinburgh) | Paint it Black: Colours and the Social Meaning of the Battlefield



Professor Michael Yonan (University of Missouri) | Interlaced: Meaning and Materiality in an Eighteenth-Century Imperial Gown

Dr Charlie Miller (University of Manchester) | Cubism After Cubism

Dr Gavin Grindon (University of Essex) | Disobedient Objects: Art History, Curating and Social Movement Cultures

Dr Glyn Davis (University of Edinburgh) | Beckett, Warhol

Professor Geraldine Johnson (University of Oxford) | ‘Photo-Sculpsit’: Sculpture, Photography and the History of Art

Dr Tom Nichols (University of Glasgow) | Surviving the ‘Father of Art’: Titian and his followers

Professor Joanna Cannon (Courtauld Institute of Art) | Religious Poverty, Visual Riches: Art in the Dominican Churches of Central Italy in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries

Dr David Bomford (The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston) | Watson Gordon Lecture, Unfinished Paintings: Narratives of the Non-Finito

Professor Viccy Coltman (University of Edinburgh) | Scots in Europe: Later Eighteenth-Century Portraiture and the Grand Tour

Dr Stacy Boldrick (University of Leicester) | Breaking and Remaking Images: Iconoclasm’s Cruel Practices

Film screening | In the Shadow of Forward Motion

Samuel Bibby (Art History) | The Magazine as Catalogue, or, The Assemblage of Specimens

Dr Lara Eggleton (University of York) | Research as folly, or, How to productively “ruin” your research

Professor Alex Danchev (University of St Andrews) | The Life and the Life-Writing

Professor Jonathan Mills (University of Edinburgh) | A Potted History of Festivals and Festival Making, Part of the Jonathan Mills Lectures series

Dr Patricia Allmer (University of Edinburgh) | Shadows of Herself: Lee Miller’s Collage

Film screening | Experimental Histories: Queer Lives on Film

Kirstie Meehan (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art) | Please Touch: Artists in the Archive

Professor Whitney Davis (University of California, Berkeley) | Composite Formation: Freud’s Rome and the Phantasy of “Self-Analysis.”

Professor Caroline Arscott (Courtauld Institute of Art) | Dyeing Bleaching, Printing: Morris and Abundance

Dr Heather Pulliam (University of Edinburgh) | Visions and Revisions: John Duncan’s Celtic Revival

Dr Colin Cruise (Aberystwyth University) | Rossetti on Paper

Dr Robert Mills (University College London) | Derek Jarman Gets Medieval

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