Why choose us?

You’ll join a community of practising artists, writers, critics and curators working across visual, material and sensual culture. We think, make and critically reflect.
Through our Friday Talks, guest workshops and external projects, you’ll meet and be inspired by leading artists and thinkers from across, and beyond, ECA.
Your learning will be studio-based and research-focused; a mix of one-to-one tutorials, group critiques, seminars, lectures, and field trips.
You’ll be able to take courses from across the University of Edinburgh, using both traditional and digital facilities, and world-class libraries, museums and collections.
You’ll be supported in responding to the world with curiosity, and equipped with the talent, knowledge and expertise to lead future innovation in art practice.

Facilities and resources

Studios and workshop spaces, libraries and collections, places to socialise, perform and show work.

Resources for History of Art, Art, Architecture and Landscape Architecture students.

Carving and mould-making facilities, a ceramics kiln, and casting amenities for bronze and aluminium.

Welding torches, a forge, forming and shaping tools, and a 1-ton gantry crane with access to main workshop areas.

Overlooking Edinburgh Castle, our painting studios provide a bright and airy space for working in.

Includes a screen-printing room, relief room, lithography room, process room, intaglio room, and caseroom.

Woodworking tools and machinery, including laser cutters, a vacuum former, and a 3D scanner and printer.


ECA General Enquiries

Email: eca@ed.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)131 651 5800