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Edinburgh College of Art is committed to providing a high standard of health, safety and welfare for all its staff and students.

Good practice with respect to health and safety, based on common sense and knowledge of our legal responsibilities, must be an integral part of all our activities. As a member of the University you are required to work safely with due consideration for your own welfare and that of others.

The College will provide the necessary training, supervision and information to ensure that a high standard of health and safety is adhered to. Continuous assessment of activities for risk is undertaken, along with the placing of appropriate procedures and systems to minimise risk.

No activity is so important that it should be pursued in an unsafe manner. We are obliged to cultivate an attitude that fosters good health and safety practice.

- Prof Juan Cruz, ECA Principal

Health and safety pages on the ECA Handbook

The latest health and safety information can be found on the ECA Handbook. You can also find information on the University of Edinburgh website.