The FilmMedicine Research Group are a group of creative research-by-practice makers, working across sound and vision, with key practitioners from Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Health in Social Science, Veterinary Science, Psychology, Music and Film. They support projects and practitioners using creative tools with therapeutic goals or intent.

FilmMedicine is outward facing, and each project collaborates with the world beyond the Academy. They utilise new technology (immersive apps), traditional tools of documentary and music and explore interdisciplinary research on criteria for evidence and evaluation.

"Before and after fundamental medicine offers diagnoses, drugs, and surgery to those who suffer, it should offer consolation. Consolation comforts when loss occurs or is inevitable. This comfort may be one person's promise not to abandon another"

Arthur Frank, 2004

The breadth of input brings a fresh perspective and a greatly enhanced reach to health and well-being interventions. They draw support from the Wellcome Trust, Screen Scotland, broadcasters POV, Arte, YLE and BBC.

The group welcomes staff and students from across the University of Edinburgh. You can get in touch with the Group Convener, Dr Amy Hardie (, if you would like to join and share your expertise.


The group are collaborating with the International MedFest film festival, and will host a one-day event in Edinburgh in November 2020, screening documentary features, shorts, with director’s talks and panel discussions.

From September 2020, there will be a series of screenings and talks, screening the best FilmMedicine films.

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