Job title: Research Associate, School of Design


Research outputs: Ella Tallyn on Edinburgh Research Explorer

Ella Tallyn is a UX designer and research associate in the Design Informatics team.

She has a PhD in Digital Interactive Narrative from the University of West England, and a BA in Fine Art Film and Video from Central St. Martins School of Art.

She has worked as a UX designer on both commercial and academic projects, using a range of techniques from rapid usability testing to in-depth ethnographic studies.

Previous work includes EU funded Paper++ project at Kings College London, JISC funded SENSE project at Nottingham Universities’ MRL, and a number of stints for Hewlett Packard Labs in both Bristol and Palo Alto.

She is currently exploring data transactions and smart contracts and how these might inform the development of IoT technologies, and is interested in the concept of identity as currency.