Programme: Art - PhD/MPhil

Start date: September 2020

Mode of study: Part time

Research title: Printmaking and Performance Art

I graduated from my Fine Art undergraduate degree in 2009. Shortly afterwards I began working in Higher Education and I have continued to do so ever since. My academic roles have both been specifically in relation to the arts but also roles focused on pedagogical research and development. I have subsequently undertaken a PGCE (2013), a postgraduate diploma in multidisicplinary printmaking (2014) and two masters, one in Fine Art (2016) and one in Education (2018).

Alongside all this I have continued to operate as a practising artist, working primarily in the mediums of performance art, drawing and printmaking in the expanded field. Recent projects have combined live and performance art with large scale printing processes.

I currently teach into the BA (Hons) Fine Art  at Falmouth University.

My artistic practice and research explores the body and proprioception as a means of image production. Since the advent of post-modernity, we are experiencing an increasingly fast, performative, and mediated culture which bears much critical reflection. The body, as a site for the production of knowledge, has been frequently undermined. Yet, somatic methodology and the philosophies of embodiment talk about the body’s capacity to both learn and to create knowledge outside of and in critique of systems of power: the body is both tool, agent, and object. The philosophical turn to practices of embodiment is a means to engage politically in countering the neo-liberal and capitalist reductionism of human value to productivity and units of commerce. My current PhD project is exploring the integration of printmaking and performance art practices, as two mediums tied deeply to political dissent, as a means to do this.

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