Job title: Teaching Fellow in Design Cultures


Office address: ECA Evolution House, 2nd Floor

I am a Teaching Fellow in Design Cultures at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh. I have a BA Hons in Graphic and Media Design from London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London, UK and an MSc by Research in Interdisciplinary Creative Practices from the University of Edinburgh. I completed a PhD in Modern Thought at the University of Aberdeen in November 2016. 
My thesis, entitled The Space of Love in Photographic Essays of Illness Narratives, aimed to investigate and reveal what kind of knowledge is contained within a number of photographic essays that have been produced by selected professional photographers and writers since the mid-1980s. The corpus included written and visual accounts of illness, both physical and mental, and disability, and through intermedial analysis I explored ways in which these can inform existing scientific and advocacy paradigms.


Course Organiser for:

DESI11074 Dissertation (Design Cultures) 20 credits

DESI11075 Dissertation (Design Cultures) 40 credits

DESI11099 Disseminating Design Practices

DESI08087 Visual Narratives in Design and Screen Cultures

My main research interests are visual narratives of illness experiences in the intersection between medical science, critical theory and creative practice, especially photography; and intervenes in the debates relating to ethics of visual representations, perception, care practices and on the meanings imbedded in the photographic act. My interdisciplinary approach draws on sources inside and outside visual culture studies and includes art history, phenomenology, anthropology, digital media, psychology, psychoanalysis and medical humanities.

The most recent publications include: ‘Echo and the Failure of Knowing in Judith Fox's Photographic Project “I Still Do: Loving and Living with Alzheimer’s”’ in the Journal of Medical Humanities (published online 26 April 2018); a book chapter ‘Gestures of care in Briony Campbell’s photographic essay “The Dad Project”’ in Discourses of Care: Care in Media, Medicine and Society (eds.) Amy Holdsworth, Karen Lury and Hannah Tweed, Bloomsbury Publishing (2020); a journal article ‘Exploring Intimacy in Collaborative Photographic Narratives of Breast Cancer’ in Humanities 9 (1), 27, 2020.