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History of Art - MPhil/PhD/MSc by Research

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Symbolisms of the cow: reinterpretations in Indian contemporary visual culture and critical animal studies


Anisha's doctoral research aims to bring together critical frameworks and methodological approaches concerning the cow in India. Her project aims to understand the differences between approaches to critical animal studies in art history and visual culture in South Asia and the rest of the world, looking at caste, class, culture and species interaction and context. Using the cow as an example of a set of specific interactions between humans and animals, the project will put forth methodological frameworks in art history to understand how contemporary artists in India approach their relationship with the cow in their work and express this relationship through materiality, performance, corporeality and the digital space.

In connection with her doctoral research, Anisha recently put together a panel with her colleague, Silvia Genovese, for the Association for Art History (AAH) Annual Conference (April 2022) titled 'Visual Cultures of Protest: Art and Resistance in South Asia' which explored sites of resistance and their associations with the visual in a South Asian context. She is currently assisting Prof Andrew Patrizio and Dr Olga Smith run a series of workshops on ecocritical art history methodologies (University of Edinburgh and Vienna Anthropocene Network).

Anisha previously completed her Masters in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London. For her dissertation, she focused on biennial cultures and the Indian art market. She also has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from India.