Reasons to choose the programme

Our students and alumni have made this programme one of the most successful in the UK in terms of festival and competition wins.
We offer a unique synthesis of digital and analogue techniques; we will teach you how to use our facilities including CGI labs, stop frame studios and rostrum cameras.
Our teaching and technical staff are a team with diverse and extensive commercial experience across the broadcast, film and interactive animation industries.
Uniquely, our final year students have the opportunity to make films on their own or as part of a team.
Each year we invite internationally renowned animators to visit the department and deliver a lecture series for our students and staff.

Jared Taylor talks about the programme
Edinburgh College of Art

"If you want to create worlds, characters to populate them, and show the events and consequences of living within those worlds in film, then we want to talk to you."


At ECA we will encourage you to challenge your preconceptions of what animation is, and to deepen your understanding of how to use animation to communicate with others. In simple terms, you will be taught how to bring drawings, paintings, objects, models, puppets and text to life, whether they are generated physically, by hand, or virtually, by computer. You won’t just make things move, you will imbue them with heart and soul. Your work will not only engage audiences: it will encourage them to willingly suspend their disbelief.

If you want to create worlds, characters to populate them, and show the events and consequences of living within those worlds in film, then we want to talk to you.

How you will be taught

The programme is small, which allows us to teach in ways that are unique within the UK, but its scope is great and the success of our graduates is even greater. Our philosophy is non-prescriptive about technique: you will learn many different ways to animate, rather than focusing on one particular method. We are also non-prescriptive about what your final projects will be. Most of our students make films, some make games or apps, or make music videos. We value teamwork almost as much as employers do, but you will also get many opportunities to work solo. We are one of the few courses in the UK that will give you the opportunity to make a film that’s entirely your own, and allow you to develop a voice that is uniquely yours.


Our animators have gone on to work for studios including Aardman, for directors such as Tim Burton, for video games companies including Rockstar North, post-production houses such as Rushes, Framestore and MPC, to set up their own studios, or to work as independent filmmakers winning multiple awards at a local, national and international level.

How to apply and entrance requirements

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Alumni profiles


Jared Taylor

Programme Director, Animation


Tel: +44 (0)7734 565 391

Facilities and resources

The animation studios and workspaces at Edinburgh College of Art allow Animation students to work on all aspects of producing their own films. You will have your own desk space to develop your ideas through drawing and using the available light-boxes, and then the studios and editing suite will help you bring your stories to life.

The Film and TV studio is a large flexible space used for technical workshops, as well as for small set builds and studio productions.

Students at the University of Edinburgh have access to a range of library resources across the campus and online.


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