Dr Dorian Wiszniewski talks about the programme

We will be out on site, we will be in the studio. There will be studio every day. We will run very efficiently and effectively like an office; like an atelier.

Dr Dorian Wiszniewski


Course dates: 3 July - 4 August 2017

Application deadline: 30 June 2017

Providing an introduction to postgraduate study in architecture, this five week studio-based design programme gives you the opportunity to explore and experiment with contemporary architectural and urban design.

Edinburgh’s historical urban development is well documented. Using methodological prompts from key theorists and practitioners including pioneering town planner Patrick Geddes, a former lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, the course will be framed around a small design project situated within the city.

The design project will require you to develop an understanding of the range of scales between people, buildings, city and metropolitan landscape, combining creative fieldwork with interpretive historical paradigmatic research and design. You will have the chance to develop your techniques in creative fieldwork, using specific artefacts and sites of study to assess the context of the design project and the relevant spatial interventions and urban design principles.

You will have the opportunity to work in a studio environment to develop your own portfolio for use in further study or in your career.

For students not planning to enrol on a postgraduate course, but who would like to sample postgraduate-level study, a three week non-credit version of this course is available.

Who should choose this course?

This course is ideal for students with a background in architecture or urban design who are considering postgraduate study. A high level of drawing skills will provide an excellent platform for obtaining the most from this course.

Students must possess a first degree in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and/or Urban Design. A portfolio must be submitted as part of the course application.


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