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This large wood workshop hosts a huge range of machinery and hand tools for the cutting, shaping, and general fabrication of woods, as well as metals, plastics, and cardboard. The work that goes on here can be for anything from architecture models and art pieces, to costume design and furniture products.

Most hand tool work at benches can be done by all students without a formal induction, while advice and guidance is offered by Technical Learning Services staff for larger machines and processes.

The workshop holds a stock of timbers that can be purchased for larger pieces of work, as well as a lot of scrap materials available for anyone to use. In addition to wood work, some soldering and basic electronic and mechanical work can also be completed in this facility.

Technical Learning Services staff are constantly present and available to offer assistance and support where required. These staff members bring many and varied types of expertise, backgrounds and specialisms to help you realise your work from an original concept all the way through to a finished piece.

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