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The student voice

EUSA representatives are elected annually by students to represent you, run the Association, and make your experience as a student the best it can be.


The Association offers peer support and advice on areas like health and wellbeing, money and funding, and safety and security.

Venues and events

The EUSA venues include Teviot Row (the oldest purpose-built Student Union - it opened in 1889), Potterrow (a café, bar, nightclub, and the Advice Place hub), The Pleasance (the home of Societies and Volunteering groups), and the Wee Red Bar (an Edinburgh institution at Edinburgh College of Art).

Student societies

EUSA has societies for practically every area of interest, with over 260 available to join, participate in, and meet new people. Or you can also set up your own.

There are many societies closely-related to the academic activities of ECA, such as the History of Art Society, Art Soc, Design Society, Movie Production Society, Photography Society, Television Society, as well as a huge range of Music, Dance, and Theatre societies.

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