The degree aims to provide a rich cross-disciplinary programme of study for its students to develop skills in the area of multimedia, audio production, post-production and other digital technologies applied to sound design.

Once you’ve completed this degree, you will be conversant with appropriate technologies and with the practices and social contexts in which such technologies are developed and used.

The programme will impart practical skills within the framework of a critical and reflective appreciation of the impact and influence of digital audio technology.

Semester 1 - Introduction and orientation

  • Sound Design Media is a highly practical course that helps its students develop their existing skills using contemporary sound design tools. You will produce sound libraries and systems for sound categorization, imaginative audio-editing exercises and study sound synchronization.
  • Sonic Structures combines approaches to multimedia sound design, interaction design, procedural audio, context aware sound design and configurable composition with a detailed study of the programming language MaxMSP.
  • Media and Culture is a theory and lecture-based course exploring critical theories of design, culture and digitalism.

Semester 2 - Practice, reflection and action

  • Interactive Sound Environments; explores non-linear sound design in areas of the internet and computer games design. Students will learn how to prepare podcasts and work for headphones, the FMOD sound engine and methods for creating narrative interactions in computer game-like environments.
  • Sound and Fixed Media involves learning approaches to film sound analysis, sound design for moving image, surround sound, sound in documentaries, on the radio, in film, in animation.
  • Digital Media Studio Project provides students with opportunities to develop interactive sound design far beyond the desktop, sound art and reactive, hackable devices.

Summer Project - integration

  • Students who gain enough credit in the taught courses are eligible to take the summer project. This is a collaborative or individual research project on sound design topic of your choice.

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