The student-led Interdisciplinary Research Network (sIREN) held six seminars and workshops during the 2016/17 academic year.

The series, organised by Eleni-Ira Panourgia (Art - PhD) and Katerina Talianni (Music - PhD), aimed to create networking events bringing together research-active staff and students to exchange methods, knowledge and ideas around interdisciplinary research and its potential.

For reference, here is more information on each of the seminars and workshops:

26th October 2016

Designing interdisciplinary research projects.

7th December 2016

Challenges and limitations of existing research methodology: inventing new methods of interdisciplinary research

27th January 2017

Managing digital data across disciplines

Monday 27th February 2017

Going digital: electronics, programming and interdisciplinary research

21st March 2017

How to showcase and communicate interdisciplinary research findings

19th April 2017

How to find the ideal collaborator: developing skills for collaborative research projects


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