Take a look at our information series for Advanced Sustainable Design applicants. You’ll find new themes popping up on this page as we progress towards September 2018.

On the Advanced Sustainable Design - MSc programme you gain skills that you can apply in a wide series of contexts.

Welcome to Advanced Sustainable Design. My name is John Brennan and I will be your Programme Director. I’d like to talk about the skills you will develop over your year with us as it’s a question you often ask at this stage of the process.

The Advanced Sustainable Design - MSc programme has the design of sustainable settlements and buildings at its core.

The city of Edinburgh is a rich and exciting environment to study Advanced Sustainable Design. Compact and easy to get around, Edinburgh offers lots of contrasting places and spaces to explore and work in.

Lucia Savastano is currently studying the MSc Advanced Sustainable Design at ECA. Here, she gives us an insight into life as a student on her programme.

Resilient Borders is a project by students on our Advanced Sustainable Design masters.

Wanting to learn more about sustainability within the design industry, Ernesto Carvajal left his home in Quito, Ecuador to join the Advanced Sustainable Design - MSc programme at Edinburgh College of Art. Now, working at an architectural practice in Boston, USA, Ernesto is planning to work with an indigenous community in Ecuador to construct a community centre using sustainable building methods.


After graduating from the Advanced Sustainable Design - MSc, Mayela co-founded a sustainability consultancy firm based in Mexico which allows her to implement what she has learnt at ECA in real-life scenarios.

Shirley Mclauchlan, lecturer in Textiles, visited Shanghai as part of an international research group exploring sustainable fashion.