After graduating from the Advanced Sustainable Design - MSc, Mayela co-founded a sustainability consultancy firm based in Mexico which allows her to implement what she has learnt at ECA in real-life scenarios.

While studying at ECA, Veronica was able to build up her confidence and improve her critical thinking skills allowing her to bring her passion for sustainability into the range of positions she has landed since graduating.

Wanting to learn more about sustainability within the design industry, Ernesto Carvajal left his home in Quito, Ecuador to join the Advanced Sustainable Design - MSc programme at Edinburgh College of Art. Now, working at an architectural practice in Boston, USA, Ernesto is planning to work with an indigenous community in Ecuador to construct a community centre using sustainable building methods.


At ECA, Paul was able to explore his interest in sustainability through a series of collaborative and individual industry-related projects.

Daniela Groza designed a fully digital collection for her 2020 graduate show and created a ‘Virtual Try-on' event allowing people to use an Instagram filter to virtually try on pieces of jewellery from the programme's graduating students.

For Brian, studying Fashion at ECA gave him an array of skills and knowledge of fashion systems beyond aesthetics which, since graduating, he has been able to apply to a range of industry projects.

For Juliet, studying Design for Change at ECA prepared her for graduating amid a pandemic. Prominent themes discussed throughout the course became pertinent to everyday life, giving Juliet the confidence to find means to contribute constructively to the changes.

Studying Textiles at ECA allowed Alison to explore a broad range of subject matters within textiles which ignited Alison's interest in material science and sustainability.

In this article, we focus on Sophie Rachel Hopkinson, who graduated in 2014 with a BA (Hons) in Painting. This is Sophie’s account of her first year since leaving Edinburgh College of Art (ECA)…


Sarah returned to ECA to continue her artistic education after being awarded the Andrew Grant Scholarship to study on the Illustration - MA programme.