• Room 1.09, Design Informatics Studio, Evolution House, 78 West Port, Edinburgh EH1 2LE

Digital Health Collider- a creative workshop looking at health and data

Facilitating and sharing high-impact research on links between music and health.

A workshop and presentation featuring Athina Georgiou Shippi (first year PhD in Landscape Architecture).

As part of the Landscape Design for Health and Wellbeing course students were given the opportunity to visit the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre at Monklands General Hospital.

Evidence on why getting outdoors matters, and how to make it easy and enjoyable.

Harnessing innovation in city development for social equity and wellbeing.

A fourth year Graphic Design student has designed a winning logo for the University of Edinburgh Staff Pride Network for LGBT + colleagues and allies.

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership with NHS Lothian to promote awareness of mouth cancer using six communications platforms.