• Evolution House, Design Informatics Studio (Room 1.09)
    78 West Port
    EH1 2LE

Digital Health Collider- a creative workshop looking at health and data

  • Institute of Geography, Room 2.13
    Drummond Street
    EH8 9XP

Part of the 2017/18 OPENspace Seminar Series

  • -
  • Various venues, including:
    Main Building
    Evolution House
    Hunter Building
    Minto House
    North East Studio Building
    Fire Station

ECA Wellbeing Week is set to include a Wellbeing Fair in the Fire Station, and sessions and activities including the Big White Wall, Dream Whispering, Careers Workshops, and Thera-pets.


ECA Wellbeing Week might be over but that doesn’t mean that students’ mental health is any less important. After a week of meditation, workshops and seminars full of self-care tips – and even cute dogs! -  it is hoped that those who attended absorbed the positivity and that, overall, awareness about mental health was raised.

Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) will be holding a ‘Wellbeing Week’ (5 – 9 February), which will include activities such as the Big White Wall, Dream Whispering, Careers Workshops, and Thera-pets.

Facilitating and sharing high-impact research on links between music and health.

A workshop and presentation featuring Athina Georgiou Shippi (first year PhD in Landscape Architecture).

As part of the Landscape Design for Health and Wellbeing course students were given the opportunity to visit the Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre at Monklands General Hospital.

A Mental Health and Wellbeing Week feature by Professor Catharine Ward Thompson.

Evidence on why getting outdoors matters, and how to make it easy and enjoyable.