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  • Matthew Gallery
    Minto House
    20-22 Chambers Street
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This pop-up exhibition shows the student work of different courses which are part of ESALA’s Digital Pathway


Cristina Nan (Lecturer in Design and Digital Fabrication) explains the background to the project and how the students created their sculpture.


  • Adam House, Adam House Lecture Theatre
    3 Chambers Street
    EH1 1HT

Part of the 2017/2018 ESALA Research Seminar Series.

Part of the 2016/17 sIREN seminar workshop series.

  • Evolution House, Design Informatics Studio (Room 1.09)
    78 West Port
    EH1 2LE

The Immaterial Material

Agustin Dieste, Material Practice - MSc graduate, won the prize for a digitally fabricated reciprocal frame canopy that acted as a roof, without having to be fixed to the fabric of the building.

The structure formed part of Craft Scotland and Emergents’ first national pavilion at the major industry event.

The Textiles workshops are equipped for traditional flat-bed screenprinting, digital printing and fabric dyeing.

Exploring how designers and makers can use technologies to develop new thinking and practice.

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