A collaboration between researchers in Scotland and Canada, developing a greater understanding of craft.

Magdalena Cattan talks to the Naked Craft curatorial team about craft’s present and future.

Karolina has exhibited extensively and won a prize at the Scottish Craft Awards 2016 this spring.


A one-day symposium, hosted by the Naked Craft Network, re-evaluating the impact of tradition on contemporary practice.

‘Carnevale’, by Andrea Roe and Cath Keay, shows animals’ responses to unique objects.

Open Close is a collective of artists, architects, academics and web developers united by an interest in how to make better creative use of public space in cities.

Jessica Kelly has written music for games, short films, apps, theatre, documentaries, a web series and various festivals. Jessica won 'Best Music Video' at the RoundGlass Music Awards in New York in January 2018, and has performed her music live at the Soundtrack Cologne awards ceremony.


Cristina Nan (Lecturer in Design and Digital Fabrication) explains the background to the project and how the students created their sculpture.


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  • Matthew Gallery
    Minto House
    20-22 Chambers Street
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This pop-up exhibition shows the student work of different courses which are part of ESALA’s Digital Pathway


Each year, Design Informatics invite a variety of practitioners - from local business people to academics to artists - to share their story in our Research Seminar Series.