We return to Deeper Life Primary School in Serrekunda to work with 100 children on Dee Isaac's opera.

After a successful pilot project in the summer of 2016, Music in the Community at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) has returned to Greece to continue work engaging refugee children in music-making and song.

Third-year and fourth-year PhD students at Reid School of Music will host a symposium to present their research.

Postgraduate students connect across disciplines to explore the modes, methods and meanings of Community Arts.

The project aims to bridge the gap between art object and audience.

Undergraduate, four years, full-time, study abroad option.

Awarded to the final year student who has made the most outstanding contribution to the musical life of the faculty, the University of Edinburgh, or of the wider Edinburgh community.

Music as Social Innovation is a project providing access to music activities for adults from disadvantaged groups in Scotland, and evaluating their impact.

Facilitating and sharing high-impact research on links between music and health.