The funding, worth €150,000, will go towards developing commercialisation in the area of architectural acoustics.

"NESS" scoops wins in Germany for research on guitar fretboards

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    Nicolson Square
    EH8 9DF

Part of the Music Research Seminar Series 2019/20

Varun met Acoustics and Music Technology student, Abesh Thakur, through the Digital Media Studio Project at ECA and, together, they set up Two Big Ears in 2013. The company creates audio technology that “helps you see through your ears”.


Two Big Ears grew out of a collaboration between students on the Acoustics & Music Technology and Sound Design programmes.

ARCHIVED PROJECT: Listening to the future: Next Generation Sound Synthesis through simulation.

Charlotte Desvages’ NESS paper among Best Paper winners at DAFx-15.

The collaboration between NESS and Samson Young was initiated by a Talbot Rice Gallery project, which has led to additional exhibitions at the Guggenheim and Monash University Museum of Art.

Dr Brian Hamilton has won £7,500 of funding to take forward his business start up 'Roomerical'.

New videos lead viewer through the various facets of work under NESS.