Revolutionaries is a podcast from Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh about people who have changed our world.

We speak with academic experts who state the case for a revolutionary individual or group of their choosing. They are asked to tell us what they did that was revolutionary, and consider what their legacy and impact is to the present day.

The topics move between architecture and landscape architecture, art, design, history of art and music, but inevitably veer off into plenty of other areas.

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Want to get involved?

If you're an academic at Edinburgh College of Art or the wider University of Edinburgh and have a revolutionary figure or group in mind who you think might make for a good topic of discussion on an episode of Revolutionaries, get in touch!



Revolutionaries is produced and recorded at Edinburgh College of Art and hosted by Ardie Collins from the Engagement and Communications team. Music is Noahs Stark by krackatoa.