ECA is a vibrant and internationally-engaged interdisciplinary hub for creative innovation embedded within the world-leading University of Edinburgh.

What we do

We value research as inquiry and experiment. We celebrate excellence in its diversity and demonstrate the relevance of our work in ways that matter. As educators we see research as a site of learning. 

How we do it

We engage the full spectrum of research modalities across the arts, humanities and social sciences. Our researchers pioneer disciplinary advancement, push boundaries of creative practice, and lead innovative modes of engagement and impact beyond the academy. 

Why we do it

We seek to transform the way the world is understood. Our researchers engage at the global level, responding to contemporary challenges such as those raised by data, social inequalities, cultural heritage and climate change and our critical articulation of emerging issues such as the impact of Artificial Intelligence. Driving relationships with industry, cultural organisations and government, we ensure our place as a leader for research and innovation.

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