ECA comprises an internationally leading multi- and interdisciplinary research environment. Our research community reaches across ECA’s five subject areas and their diverse research practices, and is embedded within the world-leading, Nobel-prize winning University of Edinburgh.

ECA’s staff and student researchers contribute to and benefit from the University's extraordinary wealth of collections and library sources. The world-class Talbot Rice Gallery is part of ECA, and its exhibitions and programme bring together ECA teaching, research, scholarship, and knowledge exchange with the wider University and the public, leading on national and international conversations within arts, culture, and politics.

ECA is a major player in the Edinburgh Futures Institute, providing and developing the most cutting-edge data and digital innovations, and connecting staff and students with industries and cultures. ECA staff and student researchers are bold, transformative, and risk-taking, addressing global challenges, and aiming to achieve and improve societal, cultural and environmental benefits.

Proud of its 250 year old heritage, ECA staff and students are outward-looking, collaborating across Edinburgh’s rich industries and organisations and the city’s vast cultural offerings, as well as with national and international partners. ECA cherishes its community, providing a welcoming, equal, inclusive, and collegial environment, valuing co-creation, collaboration, and experimentation.

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