One minute research

Sound, listening, performance and writing

Dr Rebecca Collins

Dr Rebecca Collins is an artist researcher working at the intersection between contemporary performance and sound studies.

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Rebuilding historical performance spaces with Virtual Reality

Dr James Cook

Dr James Cook is heading up a project called ‘Space, Place, Sound, and Memory: Immersive Experiences of the Past’.

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The wide-reaching influence of opera singers

Dr Anne Desler

Dr Anne Desler is conducting a Leverhulme Research Fellowship project which deals with the star castrato Nicola Grimaldi.

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An architectural history of Britain's new theatres

Dr Alistair Fair

Dr Alistair Fair specialises in twentieth-century British architecture, and recently completed a substantial book called Modern Playhouses.

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An unsung hero of Impressionism

Professor Frances Fowle

Professor Frances Fowle was the project leader for a recent exhibition on the French 19th-century artist Charles-François Daubigny.

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Urban innovation, social equity and wellbeing

Dr Soledad Garcia-Ferrari

For the past four years, Dr Soledad Garcia-Ferrari has been exploring to what extent urban innovation has increased social equity and wellbeing in Colombia’s second-largest city of Medellín.

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Documentary storytelling through collaborative creativity

Dr Amy Hardie

Documentary storytelling is about creating emotional and intellectual journeys for audiences, its tools are image and sound, and its raw materials are all of human behaviour.

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A memorial to war and conflict

Kenny Hunter

Kenny Hunter was commissioned by Southwark Borough Council to create a contemporary public artwork that would both animate a new public square and serve as a memorial to war and conflict.

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We are all musical

Prof Raymond MacDonald

Prof Raymond MacDonald focuses on the psychology of music with a special interest in Improvisation and also Music Health and Wellbeing.

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Life in a digital society

Prof Chris Speed

Prof Chris Speed explains how the Centre for Design Informatics interrogates what life is like in a digital society where data is the new currency.

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Uncovering the story of the ground-breaking Strategy: Get Arts exhibition

Dr Christian Weikop

Dr Christian Weikop is a Senior Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary German Art and has published extensively in this field.

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