LLEAPP (Laboratory for Live Electronic Audio Performance Practice) is an annual workshop for practice-based/led researchers in electronic music across the UK and Europe. Established in 2009 by Lauren Hayes, Owen Green, Jules Rawlinson and Sean Williams, each year it invites researchers from around the UK to a three-day workshop which includes a live public performance followed by a critical feedback session.

In 2010 LLEAPP was hosted at the University of Newcastle by Adam Parkinson and Nick Williams; in 2011 at the University of East Anglia by Bill Vine and Ed Perkins; and in 2013 LLEAPP returned to the University of Edinburgh and included participants from Germany and Greece as well as from the UK.

All the LLEAPP founders have now been awarded PhDs and continue to foster LLEAPP as a research network within the field of practice-led and practice-based research.

Data collected from each LLEAPP event, such as audio, video, images, reports, debriefing session recordings, is hosted by the University of Edinburgh and is available for access by researchers in the field. Selected data is being made available through Data Share for the growing community of practice-led researchers to be able to cite and include in articles and papers.

LLEAPP is focused towards postgraduate and early career researchers with a background in performance using electronic, acoustic or computer based instruments. In 2013 the format was changed from participants working in small breakout groups to everybody working together in one group of 14 people, with the addition of musical director Jan Hendrickse. 

Keynote speakers have included Simon Waters and Bennett Hogg. Papers relating to LLEAPP have been given at CMPCP 2013, Cambridge, and LLEAPP has been a subject of survey by Professor Georgina Born’s MusDig project.

With each successive workshop, LLEAPP adapts to deal with current issues surrounding practice-based and practice-led research in electronic music. It continues to grow as an active research network and researchers interested in hosting a LLEAPP workshop are encouraged to contact Owen or Jules.

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