Led by Dr Craig Martin, DISIGN brings together researchers interested in the unstable nature of design and in practices that are dissonant, transgressive and push the boundaries of traditional notions of design.

The group is intentionally anti-disciplinary in its scope and seeks to pursue a multi-faceted series of positions on how new design practices and discourses might be developed.


Bringing together established and early career designers and researchers, including PhD students, we are open to everyone at every career stage. 

While our members are largely from subject areas within the School of Design, some are based in other Schools in Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), and one (Javier Guerrero) is based in the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh.

We explore issues including adhocism; generative design; hacking; illicit design; infra mince; mundane design; off-grid making; positive deviance; randomness; value critique.

Linking all of these interests is an eagerness to see design as a critical agent in contemporary society.

Programmes and short courses

DISIGN is actively developing a 20-credit undergraduate course that deals with the themes and topics addressed by members of the group.


A series of talks and events are planned.

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