AI Ethics and Society is a network of researchers investigating the ethical and social implications of emerging technologies via a series of talks, reading groups, screenings and workshops.

Artificial Intelligence, in its current realizations and future visions, prompts a number of questions of an ethical, social and political nature; the AI Ethics & Society group brings together researchers from multiple disciplines, to explore perspectives on these questions. Topics will ultimately be drawn from the membership, which will include researchers from various backgrounds; for example Big Data ethics, feminist perspectives on AI, critiques of the Future of Work, ethical design.

We meet regularly for a reading group, in addition to holding talks from guest speakers and a symposium for discussing members’ current work.


9 October 2019 |  AI Ethics & Society: Culture and the Emergence of AI | 2.3 Lister Centre, 5 Roxburgh Place, EH8 9SU | 3pm - 5pm | Book your place >

23 October 2019 | Strangers on a Plane – does an informal setting make us less cautious with sensitive data? | 4.1 Lister Centre, 5 Roxburgh Place, EH8 9SU | 3pm - 5pm | Book your place >

6 November 2019 | How to Survive a New AI Winter: Lessons from AI’s history | INSPACE, 1 Crichton Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9YL | Book your place >

20 November 2019 | Workshop on Privacy and Consent

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