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Two students are looking closely at an electronic swtich and cables mounted on a sound desk. Image: Andy Catlin

Sound Design - MSc



1 year


If you've studied sound or music technology at university, been working in sound professionally, or if you've been experimenting with sound as a composer, designer, sound artist or engineer and are looking for a way to develop your voice, this programme may be for you. 

We offer an interdisciplinary taught Masters programme at the forefront of the University of Edinburgh’s rich expertise in the creative arts, music and digital media design and this programme will provide you with knowledge, skill and understanding to enable you to thrive in a range of sound design situations both commercial and experimental. 

Our programme of study assumes you have some aptitude for and experience of working with sound in creative ways and are prepared to advance quickly and our students are curious, open-minded, adaptable and highly creative individuals who are keen to acquire new skills and consolidate their existing knowledge across all areas of sound design. 

You may have experience of sound production for film and want to unlock those skills for game sound design, or you might be making music through creative coding and want to explore more acoustic and physical aspects of sound. 

This programme will help you learn a great deal more about the craft of sound design and to expand your potential as a creative sound professional. We balance challenging practical project work with theoretical study and this creates an inspiring, lively and motivating work environment. 

Studying for an MSc in Sound Design will expand your appreciation of opportunities for sound design across a range of musical and artistic practices. Crucially, you’ll develop as a sonic artist, be challenged to rethink what sound design is and why it is central to a number of developments in the arts, the media, critical theory and even science. 

Our programme is practice-led and strongly interdisciplinary, and students will create innovative and expressive sound media including the study of: 

  • Film sound 
  • Interactive game-audio design 
  • Sound installation and sonic art 
  • Sound software design 
  • Creative music and compositional practices

Students who follow this programme will: 

  • Obtain a broad foundation in sound design and related technologies 
  • Explore the use of existing computer-aided sound design techniques in a creative way 
  • Be able to analyse and think deeply about sound and its role in a wider creative arts environment 
  • Develop understanding of the scope and limitations of computer applications in sound design 
  • Engage in cross-disciplinary collaboration in the context of audio-visual practice 
  • Discover new creative uses of advanced technologies for sound design 
  • Foster the ability to work cooperatively in groups in the context of sound design 


The rich, cross-disciplinary programme of study we offer provides graduates with advanced skills in game sound, audio programming, audio production, post-production and other digital technologies relevant to sound design and the crafts of sonic art. 

These skills will allow you to take on commissions in professional sound design areas or pursue your own creative path. 

Our graduates are now working for major theatre, TV and video games companies. Graduates work as freelance sonic artists and composer, and for various sound post-production studios across the world. 

Many are running successful sound-related businesses and several have PhDs and are pursuing academic careers. 

You will gain a wide variety of transferable skills, such as ability to research & analyse sound, structure & manage your time, effective teamwork &communication that will increase your employability across the arts and further afield.

Why you should choose this programme


Produce creative work across the spectrum of sound design and develop the artistic and expressive range of your sound making.


Make contact with an international cohort of sound enthusiasts, working in a stimulating practical context.


Make use of a wide-range of production studios, software and hardware in a lively university environment.


Gain the confidence and skills to cope in any audio-related environment upon graduation, and feel able to survive as your portfolio develops.


Join a programme that has over 20 years’ experience of teaching, learning and exploring the limits of sound design as a creative practice, academic discipline and career training.

How to apply & entry requirements

If you'd like to study on a postgraduate programme at Edinburgh College of Art, you must apply through EUCLID, our online application system. You can find out how to do this on the University of Edinburgh website, where you'll also be able to:

  • See detailed entrance requirements for each programme on the Degree Finder 
  • Get information on what to expect after you apply 
  • Find out about study modes, start dates and fees 
  • Find out if, and how, you need to submit a portfolio, showreel or research proposal 
  • Find out where to go for further advice and guidance.

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