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Image shows laptops and connected pieces of electronic music equipment Image courtesy of ECA

Acoustics and Music Technology - BSc (Hons)

BSc (Hons)


4 years


If you have a strong background in maths and physics, and you’re fascinated by the interplay of science, technology and music, our BSc Acoustics and Music Technology degree is for you! 

This exciting programme brings together the core scientific and creative subjects that underpin the field of Acoustics and Music Technology. Physics, computer programming, and audio signal processing are taken alongside studies in the creative use of sound, hosted within a dynamic, multi-disciplinary music department. The programme is unique in combining study in both the Sciences and the Arts within an integrated single Honours degree programme that will equip you to invent the future of acoustics, audio, and music technology.  

Acoustics and Music Technology are driving a revolution in the way that sound is created, manipulated, transmitted, and replayed. They enable an expanding range of creative applications, from music production to the design of concert halls, from the emerging field of immersive virtual reality to new modalities of musical expression. Continued growth in computer power, in particular, is allowing for remarkable innovation, from next generation methods for sound synthesis, to a transformation in the way we design and experience the built environment, to the emergence of wholly new forms of media. 

Such a fast-moving field demands graduates with a high level of numeracy, deep technical knowledge, a curious and creative mind-set, and the ability to work across multiple disciplines. This degree will provide you with these skills to ensure you’re well equipped to work in this field when you graduate.


Our students develop a unique and marketable combination of creative-thinking, technical and mathematical skills.

Our graduates play a prominent role in the acoustics, audio, and music technology industries. Currently, we have graduates working for leading companies, such as: 

  • Arturia 
  • Arup 
  • AudioKinnetic 
  • BBC 
  • Facebook 
  • Hann Tucker Associates 
  • LG Electronics 
  • Moog

Why you should choose this programme


You will have a rigorous, thorough engagement with acoustics and music technology.


This degree places you in a very strong position for a high-level career in acoustics, audio, music technology, game sound, or in science and technology or computer science more generally.


We offer a unique blend of science and music, producing scholars who are able to bring scientific and technical insights in to music, and musical insights in to science and technology.


You will have fun and practical engagement with physics and mathematics, with music being an engaging application area.


You will join a rich community of practicing musicians in the School of Music and of creative artists, designers, filmmakers, animators and many more in the wider Edinburgh College of Art.

Widening Participation

ECA works with the University of Edinburgh Widening Participation (WP) team.

How to apply & entry requirements

If you'd like to study on an undergraduate programme at Edinburgh College of Art, you must apply through UCAS. You can find out how to do this on the University of Edinburgh website, where you'll also be able to: 

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