Job title: Lecturer, Landscape Architecture

Role: Programme Director, MA Landscape

Tel: +44 (0) 131 651 5862


Research outputs: Tiago Torres Campos on Edinburgh Research Explorer

Tiago is a Portuguese landscape architect. He is especially interested in the contemporary perceptions and narratives of landscape in emerging territories. Much of his own research has been done through practice, focusing on topics such as time, speed and movement and digital media and how they affect people’s understanding of the landscape.

After graduating at the Agronomics Superior Institute – Technical University of Lisbon (ISA-UTL), he co-founded Terramorfose Landscape Architects, an award winning small practice studio based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Since 2008, he often participates as a consultant, participating in strategic decisions in major urban planning projects in the Mediterranean and Portuguese speaking countries in Africa and South America.

In 2010 he joins PROAP Landscape Architecture's team, in Lisbon, where he was responsible for coordinating the research processes and the department of international communication. He edited and coordinated significant publications and other design projects.

In 2011 he was invited as a teaching fellow in the PhD programme 'Contemporary Architecture of Metropolitan Territories', at the University of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL), being responsible for major contribution within the Landscape Unit. He currently holds there an honorary position.

In August 2012 he joins the University of Edinburgh as an Early Career Fellow and he is now part of the Landscape Architecture department. He is interested in bringing pedagogic innovation and design sensibility into teaching, as well as in further engaging ESALA with other prominent European Institutions. He is part of the European Masters in Landscape Architecture (EMiLA).

Alternatively, you can visit Tiago’s personal website, CNTXT Studio, a platform focused on the study of landscape and its intersections with architecture, art, design and digital media.

Since Tiago joined ESALA in August 2012, he has been teaching different under- and post-graduate design courses and delivering contents through lectures and talks. His commitment to improving teaching led him to successfully update some of them in order to match innovative methods, such as new digital media techniques, new CAD skills, new modelling skills,  and cross-fertilization.

Within ESALA, Tiago has been taking part in design reviews and lectures in landscape architecture and architecture programs. Design is seen as a possibility to promote live projects rater then purely theoretical exercises. Whenever possible, he seeks potential collaborative teaching with other members of staff, academics from other institutions or professionals from other areas of expertise. He also supports students in finding a balance between scientific and artistic development and between design-led and research-led processes.

As part of his European engagement through teaching and research, Tiago is also involved in other programmes, holding significant honorary positions. Since 2011, he is responsible for the Landscape Unit research, teaching and knowledge exchange in the PhD programme 'Contemporary Architecture of Metropolitan Territories', at the University of Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL). His own research is frequently integrated as part of teaching delivery and he is also encouraging candidates to further engage with research on contemporary and pertinent subjects in landscape architecture.

Tiago is part of the European Masters in Landscape Architecture (EMiLA)’s team. The master is a joint program between five important Landscape Architecture Schools with prominent international profiles and sustains the idea that students and staff will benefit from international teaching and research towards best practice and a stronger design culture.

Through is own work he sustains the idea that Landscape Architecture’s small scale in the UK only benefits with the creation of interesting, cross-disciplinary links with other prominent institutions in the European panorama.

Most of Tiago’s research has been done through his years of practice, especially by taking part in significant national and international competitions and design commissions. Always encouraging research within multi-disciplinary teams, he understands landscape architecture as a discipline which gathers knowledge and manages landscape in a wide range of scales. Research through design practice encompasses regarding the landscape holistically and as an opportunity for production, fertility and infrastructure; as an opportunity for enhancing ethical values, changing paradigms and meeting socio-economic and cultural values. His own research, teaching and practice always try to reflect these considerations.

By working in international multi-disciplinary teams, Tiago soon understood the importance of pursuing research at a European level and since then he has been creating different links with important European Institutions, mainly through practice and teaching (please see his teaching interests).

Tiago recognises the value of research also as a way of reinforcing bridges between academic and professional practice. He has been capitalising on his current position at ESALA to disseminate the importance of involving practice in significant research lines in landscape architecture. He is also seeking opportunities with other Portuguese speaking countries in Africa and South America.

Tiago’s main research interests seek to understand the range and significance of contemporary landscape perceptions through the influence of time, speed and movement and the role of increasing complex and abstract infrastructural networks in non-geographical approaches. This theoretical relationship between time and landscape has also been analysed through the prism of digital media, especially video.

His other current focus is the contemporary notion of edge in landscape architecture. This research has been disseminated mainly through teaching delivery in the PhD programme at ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon) and by taking part in international and national ideas competitions.


Currently undertaking part-time PhD Architecture by Design (started September 2014), supervised by Prof Mark Dorrian and Prof Emily Brady.