Programme: Design - MPhil/PhD

Start date: January 2015

Mode of study: Part time

Silvia was educated as an Architect at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, received a Master Degree at UPC Barcelona in 2004, and has been since traveling, teaching and practicing in the fields of Architecture and Interior Design. Her extensive experience in Latin America and Europe as an Architect, in Vietnam as an Interior Designer, and later in India as a Design Educator have  offered unexpected perspectives and challenges in understanding cultural values and bias, making her question issues of cultural belonging and representation, constructing identity, and the reasons for permanence and change in spatial relationships.

Currently, her research interests lay in the intersections of multiple cultural representations, such as literature, film, and new media, and the links they create with the built environment. At the University of Edinburgh she is working in unfolding literary representations of domestic interiors in what refers to women's roles, in specific political and societal contexts. The questions at the core of her research relate to the intersection between the political and societal history of Chile in the 20th century as it relates to the interior architecture it produced, and its relation to imagined spaces in literature. It aims to unfold issues of gender in interior design, the structures of power in space and the reflection of politics in domestic space in Chile, specifically during the dictatorship years.