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Music - PhD/MSc by Research

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FARC Musicians' Musical Identities and Political Identities through their Music. Analysis of their Narratives, Musical Practices and Songs in the Colombian Peace Post-Agreement.


Ph.D. in Music student at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland, United Kingdom). Former Dean of the Arts Faculty at Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas (Colombia); former director of the Master in Art Studies and former research coordinator of Music Program, among other academic charges at the same institution. He holds a Master in Cultural Management at the Universitat de Barcelona (Spain) and postgraduate studies in Arts and Cultural Management at the Universidad del Rosario (Colombia). He is a member of the research group CuestionArte. He has written books, articles, books chapters and papers in the field of cultural policies, culture economics and sociocultural aspects of music. He has presented papers at universities and institutions in Colombia, Spain, England, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Slovenia and the United States. He is member of the Popular Culture Association (PCA) and the American Culture Association (ACA); also a member of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM); and a founder member of Colombian Association of Researchers in Music Psychology and Music Education (Asociación Colombiana de Investigadores en Psicología de la Música y Educación Musical) (PSICMUSE).


Fields of research interest

Musical identities
Music, culture and conflict transformation
Music in the urban context
The socioeconomics of music and culture.