Programme: Music - PhD/MPhil/MSc by Research

Start date: August 2013

Mode of study: Full time

Reg graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2013 with a BSc in Physics and Music. His PhD focuses on the simulation of brass instrument sounds using finite-difference time-domain methods. The aims of this project include accurate modeling of: visco-thermal and radiation energy losses, varying bore profiles using slides and valves, nonlinear wave propagation and coupling of lip models to the instrument. Some processes in the brass instrument system are still not fully understood, therefore this project also includes the design and execution of experiments to test the validity of simulations. The resulting software is then to be used by composers to use in new creative musical works.

This project is part of the NESS (Next Generation Sound Synthesis) project, a sound synthesis project joint between the Acoustics and Audio group and the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC).

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