Job title: Lecturer

Tel: +44 (0) 131 6515964


Office address: North-East Studio Building

Research outputs: Rachel Everitt on Edinburgh Research Explorer

Rachel has been a part-time lecturer in Animation at the Edinburgh College of Art since 2002. She divides her time between eca and working from her home studio. Her research interests are in auteur animation, looking at processes which combine hand crafted traditions with new technology whist maintaining rich textures that come from working non-digital materials. Her freelance creative practice explores printmaking methods, and in particular dry point etching and illustration work.

Rachel studied Animation at the Edinburgh College of Art (graduating in 1999) She went on to work for with the Edinburgh based animation studios ‘Red Kite’ where she assisted on a number of animation films, as well as directing and animating the film Lunar Jig, (funded by Channel Four, Scottish Screen National Lottery fund in 2001). Rachel also led many animation workshops in schools around Scotland, picking an award for the ‘Best Children's Film’ at the International Festival of Animation in Ottawa in 2003 and the Engage Scotland 'Visual Arts Education Award for Improving Mental Health and Well Being' in 2005.