Job title: Personal Chair of Global Urbanism and Resilience

Role: Dean of Latin America; Director of the Centre for Latin American Studies

Tel: +44 (0)131 651 5787


Research outputs: Prof Soledad Garcia-Ferrari on Edinburgh Research Explorer

Dr Soledad Garcia Ferrari is a Senior Lecturer at ESALA, University of Edinburgh.

Professionally qualified in Architecture and Urbanism in Uruguay, her research focuses on current processes of urban development and regeneration in Latin America and Europe.

She was awarded her PhD in Urban Studies in 2007 at Heriot-Watt University.

Soledad has extensive expertise on research in the process of production of urban areas and has been working more recently in recent planning strategies in Medellin leading Medellin Urban Innovation project awarded by the British Council.

She has taught in the Faculty of Architecture in Montevideo, the University of Seville and was an invited speaker at the School of Architecture, CEU in Madrid. She is currently the University of Edinburgh’s Dean for Latin America and Director of the Edinburgh University Centre for Contemporary Latin American Studies.

Current PhD students