Job title: Personal Chair of Craft History and Theory

Role: Director, Edinburgh College of Art/Shanghai College of Fashion and Innovation Partnership


Office address: Evolution House

Research outputs: Prof Juliette MacDonald on Edinburgh Research Explorer

Dr Juliette MacDonald, FRSA, FSA (Scot) completed her PhD at the University of St Andrews and is currently Director of the collaborative partnership between Edinburgh College of Art and Shanghai Internation College of Fashion and Innovation, Donghua University.  Her interests focus on the evolution of practices of craft and the ways in which craft connects creativity, place and identity. She also works collaboratively in the field of design and material culture.

She is a Distinguished Research Fellow at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Canada

She writes on craft, heritage and design theory and practice and has contributed chapters, articles and reviews to various Journals and books most recently: Sloppy Craft: Post-disciplinarity and the crafts (Berg 2015), Death in Modern Scotland, 1855–1955 Beliefs, Attitudes and Practices (Berlinn, 2016) and Craft and Heritage (Bloomsbury), 2020. She is co-editor of Styling Shanghai (Bloomsbury) 2020

She is co-founder of the Naked Craft Network, and a co-curator of Naked Craft, a touring exhibition across Canada and Scotland.​​

​My research focusses on design and craft history and theory.  I examine the narratives associated with craft practices and how such connections often relates to a strong sense of identity, authenticity and tradition. I question what these terms mean for Craft in a post-colonial, global context. Recent research projects have involved thinking about the role of cultural heritage and sustainability within fashion and craft processes and practice.

As well as undertaking individual research I also enjoy working collaboratively with a diverse range of people from within the fields of Craft and Design.

Current PhD students