Programme: Art - PhD/MPhil

Start date: September 2016

Mode of study: Full time

Naomi Pearce is a writer and current PhD candidate (awarded the SGSAH AHRC Studentship 2016-19) in the School of Art. 

Her practice-based research engages the mystery genre and forensic science maxim, ‘every contact leaves a trace’, to consider the relationship between women administrators, artist studio co-operatives and gentrification in the 1970s and present day.

Exhuming untold past narratives to unsettle readings of the present her project develops a speculative ‘forensic feminist methodology’: combining forensic imagination (Schuppli, 2009) with revisionist feminist thinking (Rich, 1971).

Working between fiction, criticism and curation, her research engages oral history, archival research and site writing to re-evaluate the influence of women administrators in artist studio co-operatives. In approaching buildings as sites that condition rather than simply frame human action (Weizman, 2014), her project seeks to trace the relationship between changing dynamics in space occupation and ‘the gentrification of ideas’ (Schulman, 2012).



Maria Fusco (Edinburgh College of Art) 

Dr Elizabeth Reeder (University of Glasgow) 

The Scene of A Crime: Women Administrators, Gentrification and The Artist Studio