Programme: Design - MPhil/PhD

Start date: September 2012

Mode of study: Full time

My research aims to explore the significance of communication design and to raise awareness of the strategic value of design as a tool to improve competitiveness and sustainable development in Portugal.

Departing from case studies of companies and organisations located in the Douro wine region, I define how using design strategically can not only improve visual communication, but also generate quantitative (financial) and qualitative (cultural, ethical, sustainable) benefits.

Similarly to the successful Douro wines – which alone cannot hold for the economics of the region – ingrained design strategy could apply to a wider range of products, companies, organisations and services and extend its benefits on a regional and even national level.

Building on the evidence of design strategy as a source of change, innovation and  economic and cultural value through this research I intend to demonstrate its crucial role as an agent in creating positive difference.

Design as strategy in the Douro wine region