Job title: Lecturer in Illustration

Tel: +44 (0)131 651 5732


Research outputs: Lucy Roscoe on Edinburgh Research Explorer

Lucy Roscoe is an Illustrator working across the fields of Craft, Design and Art. She works with a variety of clients and regularly collaborates with a number of libraries, museums and archives including the National Library of ScotlandNational Museum of Scotland, Craft Scotland and the Museum of the University of St Andrews. Projects of this kind involve exploring the individual collections then designing workshops or materials that allow users to engage with artifacts through the activity of making.

Lucy teaches on the Undergraduate Illustration Programme at Edinburgh College of Art and following a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice continues to develop teaching within the Illustration Programme. Her recent projects have allowed students to access and respond to the collections of both the National Library of Scotland and Seven Stories – The National Centre for Children’s Books.

Lucy’s practice is focused particularly on creative book design and she publishes small editions under the imprint The Book Tree Press. The manifesto for the press is to explore the way possibilities for making and publishing sculptural books that challenge the way we define a book, and how the whole form can be used as narrative. Books are held in several national collections.

Lucy is keen that students test out their own ideas and publications on their audience – the public. With this in mind she established Bookmarks, a fair and Symposium, along with colleagues Astrid Jaekel and Jane Hyslop. Students not only gain feedback on their ideas as they show their work, they also develop professional practice experience and begin to build up a profile as they approach graduation.


The Illustrator and the Archive In: Scottish Archives: The Journal of the Scottish Records Association Vol 20, pp8-16 (2014)