Job title: Lecturer, Design Informatics and Product Design

Role: Programme Director, Product Design - BA (Hons)


Research outputs: Larissa Pschetz on Edinburgh Research Explorer

Dr. Larissa Pschetz is a researcher and lecturer in Design Informatics and Product Design  at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on Interaction Design and related areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Social Sciences and Humanities. She completed a Microsoft-funded PhD in 2014, exploring social and political implications of particular approaches of time in design through the concept of Temporal Design. She has previously worked at research centres such as IBM Watson in Cambridge MA, Microsoft Research in Cambridge UK and Microsoft Research Asia, as well as at Interaction Design offices in Germany, such as IxDS in Berlin and HID in Hamburg. Larissa has published in high-impact conferences in HCI and Design related areas, including CHI, TEI, Interact, and DRS. Her research is currently focused on Inclusive IoT (Pschetz et al. 2017), Biodesign and Temporal Design. Larissa has contributed to research projects funded by EPSRC, ESRC and AHRC.

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