Programme: Art - PhD/MPhil

Start date: September 2018

Mode of study: Full time

Research title: World-Making and Un-Doing

I am an artist and PhD candidate in the School of Art at ECA funded by the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Science Research Award. My research project is supervised by Angela McClanahan-Simmons, Richard Baxsrtrom, and Torsten Lauschmann.

Recent exhibitions include the solo show Deploying Culture at Cample Line gallery, Scotland (2018) and the 3-person exhibition Make Something, With Your Body at vbkö, Vienna, Austria (2017). Exhibitions and screenings of my moving image works include Video Days at Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University, UK (2018) and It's origin's are indeterminate at Whitechapel Gallery, London (2018).

Commissioned works include the films Movable Type; Under Erasure, made in collaboration with the theorist Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, and first shown at The Showroom, London and Fib, co-commissioned by Collective, Edinburgh and LUX, London.

I was selected as the SGSAH funded Artist/Researcher in residence with Collective, Edinburgh during 2020:



MFA; Glasgow School of Art, UK

BA Hons. Photography (1st Class); Edinburgh College of Art, UK

Student Exchange Programme; Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, USA

I have been a visiting lecturer within undergraduate and postgraduate programs at a number of institutions including; Glasgow School of Art, Chelsea College of Arts, London, the University of Glasgow and the National Institute of the Fine Arts in Mexico City.

Recent pedagogy:

I developed the event 'Un-doing as Contemporary Practice', which aimed to create a space and context within which to discuss 'un-doing' as a conceptual and material act. Starting with methodologies of un-doing in relation to contemporary art the event will also consider perspectives from other disciplines and ways of engaging with the world including anthropology. I invited artist Jonathan Owen, Anthropologist Tom Boylston and a number of ECA students to participate in this event which involved presentations of artwork and research, discussion of selected text, a seminar, and an exhibition of photographs, video, and drawings. 'Un-doing as Contemporary Practice' Fire Station space at ECA in October 2019.



Working across moving image, photography and sculpture my art practice is engaged in critiquing the idea of technology as a measure, or manifestation, of a cultures progress. 

Titled 'World-Making and Un-Doing' my research project is concerned with the entanglement of epistemologies, materials, histories, cultures and technologies’ in relation to the extensive Nuclear Testing in the Pacific Marshall Islands.

I was awarded PRE funding by the University of Edinburgh to undertake research within the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm, Sweden in June 2019.

I am a member of the research network Nuclear Cultural Heritage: From Knowledge to Practice and in October 2019 I presented my art practice and research within the international symposium Decolonising the Nuclear at Goldsmiths, University of London.

During the first half of 2020 I undertook research with Collective, Edinburgh as an artist in residence funded by the SGSAH: