Programme: Art - PhD/MPhil

Start date: September 2014

Mode of study: Full time

I am a full time practice-led PhD student at Edinburgh College of Art. My current research is a practice-led exploration of the ontology of community. Developed as a written interrogation, my research stands as a speculative enquiry into modes of founding and thinking about community.

My current research, working under the title of ‘Jut: thinking through community’, investigates thematic problems of community such as ethical relations, political beings, the practice of reading and writing, and the problem of things. Following the belief of the necessity of rethinking what community might mean today, my research aims to develop a reading of community that establishes community as ontologically necessary.

My work draws upon the thought of Jean-Luc Nancy as a central focus. I am concerned more broadly with tracing inflections of Nancy’s thinking of community and how they might develop in relation to the resurgent challenge of things. My concern here is a question of rethinking what a political being might be from an ontological position that prioritises commonality or pulls a communal structure into a primary position.