Programme: Music - PhD/MSc by Research

Start date: September 2015

Mode of study: Full time

José Rafael Subía Valdez was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1985; he has a Masters in Digital Composition and Performance from the University of Edinburgh. His music has been played in different concerts and festivals in Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Germany, South Africa, Japan & the U.K. by important ensembles and performers. He studied acoustic composition with Julio Martín Viera (Argentina) and with Gerardo Gandini (Argentina) thanks to the Melos/Gandini fellowship. In 2015, he won the ECA Research Award and the Thomas Laing Reilly scholarship that has allowed him to continue with his PhD in Music Composition at the University of Edinburgh, under the supervision of Dr. Michael Edwards and Professor Peter Nelson.

His project involves the production of contemporary music repertoire that includes live electronics and acoustic instruments. The computer programs developed for these pieces, are designed to work independently assuring the possibility of them being played without the composer being present and producing structured electronic parts that allow the pieces to be traditionally scored, this means that both,  the instrument and computer part are notated.

His acoustic works focus on the relationship between the unaware sonic phenomena and the techniques necessary to emphasize them. A concept that, he describes as being part of the contemplation process of visual art. The repetition of the same sonic “image” from different lights and angles that slowly reveal the underlying beauty of these hidden universes. This concept also involves the re-dimensioning of objects to create new imageries and observe their texture, color and form differently; often involving the use of subtle materials that produce soft sounds and require a concentrated listening of the music.

Electro-instrumental compositions incorporating intelligent systems for automatic live electronics