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Undergraduate Director School of Art


Course Organiser and Lecturer in Art


John Brown is an Edinburgh-based artist who uses a wide range of sources, methods and formats to make large, complex installations that place small multiple incidences and objects against a backdrop of the epic to create new narratives.

At the core of all his work there is an obsession with drawing, painting, making and the heart-breaking amount of imagery and stuff that the world contains at this point in history and trying to find ways of putting it all together.

Installations can be in the format of thousands of individual paintings such as Nutsville (Open Eye gallery, Edinburgh) or Twitstreet (SMFA Boston, USA) or complex super-dense collaged shaped works such as Nuts and Gum (Space 204 Nashville, USA), or objects such as in the installation Thingsplace (Superclub, Edinburgh and Leith Athletics, Edinburgh) or large site specific works such as Global Topics in the new Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

He has also collaborated with other artists in shows such as EPIC (MOK gallery, Poland), World-a-Rama events (John David Mooney Foundation, Chicago USA), Black White Score (Arts Complex Edinburgh).

John Brown was born in Dumfries in the southwest of Scotland received an MFA from Edinburgh College of Art in 1991. He returned there to teach and now works with students from all year groups. He has taught in art colleges around the world including Kansas State University (USA), Kyoto Seika (Japan) and SMFA Boston (USA). He is currently developing international collaborative projects for students and staff between other institutions in Europe, the USA and China.


As well as teaching on the Fine Art - BA (Hons) programme, John teaches on the Painting - BA (Hons) programme.

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