Job title: Lecturer, Painting and Illustration


Office address: Main Building

Research: See Jane Hyslop on Edinburgh Research Explorer

​Jane Hyslop is an artist with particular interest in artists' books, drawing and printmaking. She lectures in the School of Art and the School of Design.

Her research has documented the decline of the mining industry, the dereliction of former mine workings, railways and other man-made sites in parallel with the regeneration of this land in her native Midlothian. Her interest in the flora that inhabits these sites has led her to look at the history of Scottish gardens and the cultivation of specimen plants over indigenous ones.

Her work examines place through research into social, architectural and natural history and is often expressed through narratives that are centred on the plants that populate or are cultivated on particular sites.

Jane's books are held in numerous collections including the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, the National Library of Scotland, Tate Library and Yale Center for British Art.​

Jane's teaching focuses on the artists' book. In the School of Art she is Course Leader for Introduction to the Artists' Book alongside her day-to-day teaching.

She also works with students in Illustration where she leads a range of projects each academic year that encourage students to consider personal research strategies and nurture drawing as a strong basis for design. Other projects concentrate on how students use the book and foster interest in the exploration of printmaking.

Jane is a co-organizer of BOOKMARKS with Lucy Roscoe and Astrid Jaekel. This project explores artists' books in education and how teaching through the artists' book can support and develop learning. BOOKMARKS brings together staff, students and alumni from across Art and Design at ECA as well as from other institutions. Each year a symposium and book fair offer exciting opportunities to see and discuss work and projects from a broad range of contributors.​

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