Programme: Musical Composition - PhD

Start date: September 2018

Mode of study: Full time

Research title: I am: Creating with Transdisciplinary Practices, Narrating through Material Structures, Reducing hierarchy, Activating perception.

Ioannis Panagiotou is a Greek UK-based artist, composer and researcher. As an artist he explores transdisciplinarity by working with various media, materials and technologies. His artworks take the form of performance-works and object-works. He is the creator of transdisciplinary performances, installations, video works, concert music (instrumental, electroacoustic, interactive) and music for media (theatre, dance, animation, film).

Works of him have been commissioned by the Dialogues Festival, PLUG Contemporary Music Festival, Greek National Opera, Audio Visual Arts Festival, The New What Now, RCS Music Lub, RCS Bridge Week, Glasgow's Sonic Nights, St Andrews University and the Days of Electroacoustic Music and has been exhibited and performed in MIRY Concertzaal, Reid Concert Hall, MUSA Collection Centre, Vilniaus rotušė, Corfu's Museum of Asian Art & Old Venetian Fortress and Athens University History Museum among others. He has also collaborated with contemporary ensembles such as Plus-Minus Ensemble, Red Note, Edinburgh Quartet, Decoda, Edinburgh Film Music Orchestra, Edinburgh Contemporary Ensemble, St Andrews New Music Ensemble and Portativ Ensemble.

​Ioannis is a PhD candidate in Transdisciplinary Arts at the University of Edinburgh, and he is a tutor in Sculpture at the Edinburgh College of Art and Composition for Screen at the Reid School of Music. He is also a member of CIME and has worked as a researcher and tutor in Hybrid Arts at Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, in Composition and The Performing Arts at the Ionian University and has been a visiting tutor at the University of the Aegean.


Ioannis has received a Master of Arts in Composition from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and an Integrated Masters Degree from the Ionian University, where he studied Arts and Composition for Film, Theatre and the Performing Arts. He has studied Composition with Martin Parker, Simon Steen-Andersen, Juliana Hodkinson, Gareth Williams, David Fennessy, Oliver Searle, Dimitra Trypani, Vassilis Kitsos and Dimitris Maragopoulos, Sonic Arts and Interactive Composition with Alistair McDonald, Film Music with Yati Durant, Art with Kevin Dagg, Bill Psarras and Nikos Kokkalis and Byzantine Musicology with Dimitrios Giannelos. Finally, he has participated in seminars with Marcus Stockhausen, Niels Rønsholdt, John McLeod, André Bellmont, Stelarc, Roy Ascott, Adam Zaretsky, Brian Eno, Keneth Hesketh, Judith Weir, Thomas Simaku, Ed Bennet and Stephen Goss among others. 

Soundtracks for Film (Reid School of Music)

Project Space Crits (Edinburgh College of Art)

My practice-based research aims to bring new content into my art by creating a Transdispliplinary, non-hierarchical narrative method. It proposes a hybrid method of creation, where there is not any hierarchy between the different media and all kind of materials are being used as part of artist’s palette. The relation between all the materials that create this Transdisciplinary practice, is based on Materialism where mater is the fundamental substance, and all things are results of mental interactions. This flattening phenomenon makes all materials interact each other by being a part of the same organization.

My methodology in practice is creating with materials and not composing with objects, sound and notes; for performers, not for instruments, for places and not for spaces. Narration is being used as an umbrella that covers and connects all different materials and gives them a purpose. This method aims to reduce the hierarchy between the disciplines, blur the borders between them and extend audience’s perception by completely engaging its attention by activating all of its senses. This hybrid method of art creation brings together action and metaphors with mixed media practices, extending the materials of my artistic palette. Consequently, the thesis offers new insights into the practices of Transdisciplinary arts.