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Architecture - PhD/MPhil/MSc by Research

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Full time

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De-Framing Time and Space: Towards a Kineiconic Application of 360° Immersive Technologies in the Reconstruction of Memory


Gregg S. Lloren earned his MSc by Research in Interdisciplinary Creative Practices (Merit) from ECA in 2017. For his PhD project, he will be conducting an investigation on immersive technology - specifically virtual reality (VR) for the reconstruction of impaired memory (e.g. dementia) - under a broad spectrum of interdisciplinary framework: linguistics; cognitive science; social semiotics and the multimodality of visual language; digital media architectonics; media  consciousness and subjectivity; the science of digital media design and production, and the art of its dissemination.

Gregg S. Lloren is a faculty member of the College of Communication, Arts, and Design, University of the Philippines Cebu, a constituent unit of the country's national university, University of the Philippines System. He holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Letters from San Beda University, Manila, Philippines.


As a digital scholar, my work focuses on human-machine interaction in the level of memory and cognition. I seek to understand the architectonics of virtual worlds and how they impact human perception according to the new discoveries introduced by immersive visual technologies as new tool of inscription and thought process. 

Published Work:

Lloren, G. S. (2014). Tacky, Kitschy, Campy: Architectural-Aesthetic Fusions In and Around Intramuros. In O. V. Campomanes (Ed.), KRITIK | CRITIQUE: Essays from the J. Elizalde Navarro National Workshop in the Criticism of the Arts and Humanities, 2009-2012. Manila, Philippines: University of Sto. Tomas Publishing House.

Lloren, G. S. (2017, December). Socio-Cultural Appropriation of Sex-Sell Billboard Ads: A Multimodal Study on the Grammar of Sexually Implicit Advertising Text and Images. (P. Campos, Ed.) Plaridel Journal, 14(02). Retrieved January 2018, from Plaridel Journal:

On queue for publication on Plaridel Journal:  

Immersive Technology: Towards a Kineiconic Dialogism in Deciphering the Myth of the Frame

Other Scholarly Works

Finding One’s Way Through the Labyrinth of Words, Signs, and Symbols: The Semiotics of Fiction and Reality in Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose (Institutional Affiliation/Event: National Conference -  Inter/Section: Crossroads and Crosscurrents in Literatures and Cultures, University of Sto. Tomas, 2007)

Content Aggregation and Context Curation: Redefining the Future of Online Advertising Through Information Syndication (Institutional Affiliation/Event: ACMC 2014 International Conference on Media, Communication, Culture and the Dynamics of Change, Asian Congress for Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2014)

Cebu City’s Colon Street: Curating Frames of Antinomies, from a Cultural Heritage to a Cultural of Indifference (Institutional Affiliation/Event: 2015 J. Elizalde Navarro National Workshop in Cultural Heritage and Critical Studies, UST and NCCA, 2015)

Visual Grammar: A Semiotic Approach, (Institutional Affiliation/Event: UP Cebu, 2015)

Reading the City: Exploring the City as Text through Advertising as Paratext (Institutional Affiliation/Event: University of Edinburgh, UK, 2016)

Towards a Kineiconic Dialogism in Deciphering the Myth of the Frame (Institutional Affiliation/Event: University of Edinburgh, 2017)

Kineiconic Chronotope: A Prolegomenon to Human-Machine Interaction in 3600 Video Environment (Institutional Affiliation/Event: University of Edinburgh, UK, 2017)​