Job title: ECA Library and Collections Officer, Lecturer

Role: Director of Undergraduate Studies in the School of Art

Tel: +44 (0)131 651 5902


Research: See Gordon Brennan on Edinburgh Research Explorer

Current PhD students

Tess Barnard

Sorour Fattahi

Gregor McAlpine

PhD Supervision Topics

Gordon Brennan was born in Edinburgh in 1956. After an apprenticeship with Edinburgh Tapestry Company from 1972-79 he attended Edinburgh College of Art from 1979-84, graduating with BA (Hons) and Postgraduate diploma.

He has taught in all four Scottish art schools.

Gordon was appointed lecturer in Painting at Edinburgh College of Art (1992) and was appointed Head of Painting, Associate Head School of Art, in 2010. In 2014 Gordon was appointed Director of Undergraduate Studies in the School of Art.

Gordon teaches across all years on the undergraduate programmes. At the forefront of Gordon’s teaching he continues to promote respect for the discipline and the study of Painting. However, he has always had an interest in collaborative practices within art education. Gordon has been instrumental in arranging live projects bringing together different disciplines to work with art students such as Architecture and Neuroscience, as well as connecting art education with different external communities.

Gordon has supported and led the School of Art in developing a range of optional courses as part of the University’s Pathways Project.

Gordon’s research is directly linked to “Collections” and he has worked closely with the University’s Centre for Research Collections in helping integrate the Collections into the teaching in ECA and across the wider University: he is course organiser for the Edinburgh Collections course.

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