Challenging the existing divides between art, craft and design, my studio practice works beyond the constraints of material or process, focusing on transposing the ephemeral and bridging the divide between traditional craft process and new digital technologies. Through the marrying of diverse skills compelling narratives are brought to life in engaging and innovative ways.

My studio practice has exhibited widely in National and International venues including MoMA New York; Victoria & Albert Museum London; MAD New York;  The Israel Museum Jerusalem; The European Glass Context in Denmark.

In 2008 I was awarded the World Craft Council Prize for Glass and in 2009 won the Jerwood Contemporary Makers Prize. I have work in Museum of Modern Art New York, Museum of Art & Design New York, Craft Council England and Cincinnati Art Museum permanent collections.

Current Research

Activity explores how thinking or smart augmented reality can create a live digital invention with a real world object and act as a creative tool.

Further research is investigating the use of 3D printing within the casting Process of metals within large-scale sculptural objects.

The following are examples of outputs that have derived from ongoing research activity into the exploration of the integration of new digital technologies into traditional craft process and archival materials. The first series of work entitled The Long Exposure series captured the transient beauty of time and motion, encapsulated the tangible trace of bird and moth trajectory. Further outputs include Shine an investigation in the reflective properties of a metallic object; in this case the subject was a Victorian candelabra and Crossfire which examined the intangible characteristic of the spoken word though investigating the unseen affect of sound upon its inhabited environment.

My teaching philosophy examines the space between disciplines and seeks to redefinition of such boundaries through thematic cross-disciplinary exploration.

Current PhD students

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