Role: ECA Undergraduate Convenor


I study Fine Art at ECA, I’m from California, and this year I will work with staff and students as your Undergraduate School Convenor for ECA. I love studying here and want to help every student get the best out of their courses and develop skills that will take them into careers. I work with EUSA and the University to represent your views and needs to Edinburgh College of Art and the wider University.

ECA is made up of many diverse communities and I want to help everyone feel accepted and heard. I will work hard to improve and optimize the use of our facilities and workshops, to enhance student experience and wellbeing. I plan to further integrate Design, Art, ESALA, History of Art, and Music into a community that works together and helps each other. Though we may be divided between buildings, campuses, and construction sites, we are all part of Edinburgh College of Art.

If you have any concerns or questions feel welcome to contact me.